Cat6a 10G Certified Molded Ultra-Slim UTP Ethernet Cable (RJ45 M/M), Blue, 1 ft. (0.31 m)

Cat6a 10G Certified Molded Ultra-Slim UTP Ethernet Cable (RJ45 M/M), Blue, 1 ft. (0.31 m)

Cat6a Ethernet cable, just 2.8 mm thick, connects critical components, such as servers, switches and routers, in 10G networks.
Premium Cat6a cable rated for high-speed 10 Gbps home/office communications
Over 50% slimmer than standard Cat6a cables to increase airflow in full racks
Easy to route around corners and through crowded cable management panels
32 AWG copper wire and 3 µm gold-plated connectors allow superior signal transfer
Color-coded blue for fast, easy identification in a crowded rack or workstation
This product is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty

Cat6a Cable Ideal for Connecting Equipment in Your 10G Ethernet Network
This Cat6a Ethernet cable with RJ45 connectors is recommended for connecting network components like printers, computers, copiers, routers, servers, modems and switches in high-density data centers. Designed for fast transmission and excellent signal quality, this one-foot cable ensures peak performance throughout your local area network (LAN).
Special Ultra-Slim Design for Better Airflow and Easier Installation
The N261-UR01-BL is just 2.8 millimeters in diameter—more than 50% smaller than standard Cat6a cable. This increases airflow in crowded equipment racks, which helps keep your components cool and properly functioning. The extra-slim design also makes the cable easier to install around corners and through cable management panels.
Color-Coded to Avoid Misidentification That Can Cause Costly Downtime
The PVC jacket is colored blue to allow easy, fast identification in a crowded rack or workstation and help prevent the cable from becoming inadvertently disconnected.
Premium Construction for Superior Performance
Manufactured from 32 AWG copper wire, the four-pair stranded cable is rated for speeds up to 10 Gbps. The RJ45 connectors improve near-end crosstalk (NeXT) performance to 500 MHz and feature 3-micron gold plating to help ensure the most accurate signal transfer possible. Integral strain relief gives the unshielded cable extra flexibility, reduces stress, and helps the cable move freely without cracking or breaking loose from the connector.

Typical Applications
Connect a computer and its peripherals to a home or office 10G Ethernet network
Connect switches, modems and servers in a high-density data center
Replace standard-diameter cables in crowded racks and patch panel installations to improve airflow

Package Includes
N261-UR01-BL Cat6a Ultra-Slim Ethernet Cable (RJ45 M/M), Blue, 1 ft.

UPC Code 037332256973
Technology Cat6a

Cable Length (m) 0.3
Cable Length (in.) 12
Cable Outer Diameter (OD) 2.8mm
Cable Shielding UTP
Cable Jacket Material PVC
Wire Type Stranded
Color Blue
Crossover Wiring No
Material of Construction PVC
Snagless Connector No

Operating Temperature Range 14 to 104 F (-10 to 40 C)
Storage Temperature Range 5 to 122 F (-15 to 50 C)
Operating Humidity Range 0% TO 90% RH, NON-CONDENSING
Storage Humidity Range 0% TO 90% RH, NON-CONDENSING

Network Speed 10Gbps

Side A – Connector 1 RJ45 (MALE)
Side B – Connector 1 RJ45 (MALE)
Contact Plating Gold

Certifications RoHS and REACH

Product Warranty Period (Worldwide) Lifetime limited warranty


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