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Job Description

IT sales executives are sales professionals who specialize in selling computer hardware and software, as well as IT services. Success in this industry requires advanced knowledge of fundamental IT principles. IT sales executives have to be able to answer highly technical questions in order to close sales. As the job title suggests, IT sales executives are employed by companies within the IT industry. This includes companies that sell hardware, such as monitors, routers, and other products related to computers. It also includes selling software, which can be specific to an industry, such as healthcare or finance. They usually work typical office hours and have a home office, though they spend a fair amount of time in the field going to sales meetings.

IT sales executive is an entry-level white-collar position. They typically work under the direction of a sales manager, though they are often in the field by themselves. Those who can work independently succeed in this position. According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for sales occupations, which includes IT sales executives, is set to rise 3 percent through 2026.


IT Sales Executive Duties and Responsibilities

Selling IT hardware and software involves several duties and responsibilities, such as those listed below:

Maintain Knowledge of Industry Trends

Whether they sell hardware or software, IT sales executives have to pay close attention to trends in the IT industry in order to understand what customers need. This involves following industry publications and attending industry conferences.

Maintain a Strong Knowledge of Products and Services Offered

IT sales executives have to be able to speak about IT products and services with conviction. This requires expertise in fundamental IT principles in order to answer technical questions asked by prospects.

Conduct Market Research to Find Sales Prospects

IT sales executives don’t just rely on soft sales skills to close deals. They are responsible for conducting detailed market research to find the ideal prospects for their current campaign. This duty requires analytical and organizational skills.

Go to Sales Meetings with Prospects

The bulk of IT sales executives’ time is spent out in the field in sales meetings. They are responsible for conveying the features and benefits of their products and services, and then closing the deal using sales and negotiation tactics.

Participate in Sales Strategy Meetings

Sales strategy meetings take place on a daily basis, and IT sales executives are expected to participate. These meetings include discussing changes to sales pitches and other sales materials, as well as brainstorming ways to generate more business.

Maintain a Database of Prospective and Current Customers

IT sales executives use client relationship management (CRM) software to maintain a database of prospective and current customer information. They use this database to help them guide their leads through the sales cycle.


IT Sales Executive Skills

The role of IT sales executives is a sales position that requires a unique amount of technical skills to succeed. People in this position have a passion for using computers and, more importantly, a passion for understanding how they work. An intricate knowledge of hardware and software is required to speak with conviction about what they sell. IT sales executives are great communicators. They are able to explain the features and benefits of IT products in a way a layman would understand and possess the negotiation skills to close deals. As in any sales role, IT sales executives have to be able to overcome rejection and be able to work under pressure to meet quotas. In addition to these character traits, the following skills are required to get hired as an IT sales executives:

  • Strategizing with management and fellow IT executives based on feedback from the field
  • Analyzing demographic information from nearby regions to determine worthwhile territories
  • Using IT expertise to explain product features and benefits to prospective clients
  • Converting prospective clients into customers using IT and sales acumen
  • Organizing current and prospective customer data using CRM software


IT Sales Executive Tools of the Trade

  • IT hardware and software – the specific hardware or software depends upon what the IT sales executives’ employers sell, but they must use it in order to sell it
  • Client relationship management (CRM) software – CRM software, such as Salesforce, is used by IT sales executives to keep track of prospective clients and customer information


IT Sales Executive Education and Training

IT sales executives generally have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, or a related field. They also have to have IT expertise, so those with IT or computer science degrees can be found in this position. During their studies, students learn things such as the principles of sales and marketing, economics, and how to communicate. Most of their sales skills and product knowledge comes through on-the-job training.


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